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All of the electronics are contained in the IC-TM90M, with two 10 meter cables exiting the transducer (one for data and the other for power), making the installation simple and cost efficient. The IC-TM90M transom mount transducer uses a proven housing design to deliver amazing performance up to 40 knots. An innovative product, it delivers depth and water temperature data via Ethernet connection to the Q Display.


This Smart™ transducer is a medium Chirp (95-155 kHz) transducer which is perfect for detecting fish and delivering crisp bottom detail for depths as deep as 200 meters.



• Depth and water temperature sensor

• 120W with a maximum depth of 200 m (656') and shallow detection down to 0.5 m (1.6')

• Medium frequency: 95-155 kHz

• Wide 26°-17° beam provides excellent coverage under the boat

• 60 kHz of total bandwidth

• Simplified operation with the use of auto modes for sensitivity, range and noise cancellation

• Hydrodynamic transducer profile permits operation at speeds up to 40 knots

Transducer TM - CHIRP / Medium / 600w / RJ45

SKU: N4S_00753
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