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Control your Q Display from the docs or back of your boat with Q Remote!


Adjust your music or navigation remotely, with a separate Q Remote that fits in your pocket! Q Remote saves you time and effort while boating. Adjust your navigation or media with just a push of a button, from up to a 20-meter distance from your boat.


  • Handy remote for the brand new Q Display 2 Series
  • Works from up to a 20-meter distance
  • Includes three modes: media, navigation, and trolling
  • Ergonomically shaped and highlighted buttons for easy use
  • Easy to use, even with gloves on
  • Connects with Q Display's Bluetooth


Q Remote is an accessory for the Q navigation system. This separate remote model is for the Q 2 Series Displays (Q210, Q216, 210D). It allows you to use Q Display’s functions without having to operate the touch screen. It works with a CR2032 battery.


The same buttons you see in the remote will appear on your Q Display once you have connected the remote. The buttons on the screen help you use the remote controller: as you press the remote’s buttons, the corresponding soft keys are highlighted on the screen. Controls also work independently, so you can access the functions even if you don’t have a remote in your hands.


This remote works for ALL Q Displays in Q1 and Q2 Series!

Q Remote 2

SKU: N4S_10760
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